Summer Bucket List & Some Lucky Winners!

May 23, 2013

I am so excited to join a FUN linky party hosted by some of my favorite bloggin’ friends!
 Thank you Hadar, Teri, and April for hosting the 2nd annual Summer Bucket List linky!
This will a busyyyy Summer for me.. so here it goes!
WE’RE MOVING!!!! Cross-country, that is! Back to Massachusetts to be with the fam. Parker and I surprised our family last weekend with a fun gift and now we get to plan a road trip! [You can click here to see the video of the surprise reveal – it went great!] I get out of school June 5th and we are set to leave June 30th. I want to spend the a couple weeks planning a memorable road trip with Parks!
I want to get a job!
 I feel ya, kid
Wahhhhhh…. Moving back home is VERY exciting… but I need to find a job – ASAP. I have just started applying to schools back east and I am hoping some more positions will open up as the Summer season begins.
I want to plan a wedding!
Marriage date is 9/20/2013 and it is finally getting closer!!
Wedding bands, centerpieces, flowers, invitations… the list goes on…
I am loving coral dahlias in bud vases and I am thinking of centerpiece ideas as I type!
I want to decorate a house!
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you would know that Parker and I had been looking for a house in Vegas. Well, obviously that has changed (see #1). This means we will likely have to rent for a bit in Mass. before we can save more money to buy a home. I just want to decorate something – even if I have to settle for a little apartment. While I wait not-so-patiently, I will be stalking Pinterest looking for fun decorating tips!
I want to organize!
Jewelry, kitchen stuff, school stuff, office, bathroom – LIFE! I want to organize my life.
If you don’t know of the blog, IHeart Organizing, I grant you full permission to leave here immediately and go scour her website for days. Then, take a bathroom break, and go back for a few more days. I drool in jealousy while looking at her organization skills. I have started making a list of all the things I need to organize and I think if I can take the time to tackle one project at a time, I will be off to a good start!
So there you have it – my Summer bucket list of 2013! 
Oh and if you are here looking for the winners of my 1k Giveaway!
I will be sending out emails soon! Congrats!!!

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  • Planning a wedding and looking for a job AND moving back home is stressful I'm sure! We'll be just a few weeks after you on October 12th. And we'll be moving too! But just to another city. Not a house yet, but I'm excited to decorate a new apartment!;) good luck on the job search!


  • LOVE iheartorganizing!!! And she's a WI girl like me. 🙂 Would absolutely swoon if I ever met her.

    Congrats on your HUGE move! And…you WILL find a job, girl!!!

    Your bucket list is much more exciting than mine!

    Smiles – Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  • Yea! Thanks Susan for the giveaway…now to spend my summer planning all the good things I'll use the packs for! Good luck with the job search; you'll do great!

  • You rock it out sister. Seriously when I read your bucket list last night I was thinking you have your plate full but then I come back to comment this morning and you have also done a total blog make-over too????? Where do you find the time?? BTW the new look is over the top FABULOUS!!! You and Parker are so talented. I can't wait to have more time this summer to read more about your new adventures.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  • Wow – this post is full of awesome-ness! Congrats on ALL of the above! I'm headed to Mass this summer too (just for a long vacation – my bf is from just outside of Boston and we're going to visit family!) Vegas is fun, but nothin' beats New England! So glad to have found your blog!

    Lucky to Be in First