Summer Math Activities!

June 6, 2015

Two weeks away folks!


10 more school days. Well, 9 and a half if you want to be specific… and I do… so 9.5 more days.


We are trying our hardest to remain engaged while still having fun in class these days. The sun is blazing and the last thing my kids want to do is sit in class for 8 hours a day. So in room 102, games are where it’s at!


I introduced our last themed summer math centers for the year, Summer Math, and the biggest hit of this pack was our board game, “The Summer Before 2nd”:





This is a simple, yet engaging game that allows students to review all sorts of math before they head out for the summer! Students roll a die and move that many spaces. In order to stay on that space they must choose the matching card and answer it correctly (the other students check). There are 6 different categories of cards: subtraction, addition, time, place value, number sense, and challenge!


In my summer math unit there are also the usual story problem booklet and quite a few print-and-go games with no prep needed. I figured the end of the year is all about easy my students love partner games:


These activities and more are in my Summer Math unit:
and this COMPLETES my math centers for the whole year – Yahoo!
You can snag all 10 units below for pretty dang good discount – you get 2 free with the bundle 🙂
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