Spring is *ALMOST* here… right?!

With tomorrow being March, I was so so hopeful that the winter season was coming to a close and warmer weather was on the way….. then I woke up and heard that there is another storm coming this weekend… WOMP, WOMP! Oh well. Just saying March makes me feel a little more cheery 🙂 I […]

Butterflies! and a freebie!

Last week we got our classroom butterflies and the kids are SOOOO excited! We have already read a few butterfly books, watched a BrainPop Jr. video (they are obsessed), and began our butterfly observations:   “I am wondering…” After we watched the BrainPop Jr. Butterfly video, we wrote down some facts we learned about butterflies: […]

What we’re up to this week…

First off, let me say a big THANK YOU to all my new followers 🙂 I am now blogging to real people instead of just the wide… open… scary… internet world. Our butterflies hatched over the weekend and my kids could not contain their excitement! I found this fun life cycle project on Pinterest which […]


We started our butterflies science unit and the kiddos are so excited! We finally received our live caterpillars and I must admit, they realllllyyyy gross me out. I am not a creepy-crawly type of gal, but the kids love them, so they can be in charge of this unit 🙂 We filled in our K […]