Life as of late!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a little 5 for Friday action! It has been quite awhile since I’ve blogged here at TGIF because…. well… life is life… and life can just be busy! Here is a little peek into my life as of late: 1. Being pregnant! This journey sure has […]

Andddd it’s over.

Many tears were shed this past week as I wrapped up my last 4 days at school. It has been such a great 3 years of laughing and learning and I will never forget all my students, parents, and colleagues who I had the pleasure of getting to know! After a few hours of cleaning […]

End of the Year Trivia!

4 days. FOUR. I am really saddened by this. Normally I am jumping up and down and the days feel like they are crawwwlllinnngggg. Not this year. My last days at my school are coming to an end and I actually want it to slow down… just a bit. I just want to hang out […]

Swimming into Summer!

I gave a little “face-lift” to my end of the year product I made last year! It is amazing how much you can learn in a year… Here is a preview of the pack: Swimming into Summer! My favorite thing in this pack is our end-of-the-year trivia game!  I made these questions based on the […]

3.5 more days!

Oh me, oh my! Thursday is my last day and I will be equipped with sunglasses and tissues all day because I hate goodbyes and I turn into a blubbering fool when they give me hugs and tell me they’re going to miss me 🙁 I am trying to mentally prepare myself and focus on […]