Start the year off *WRITE* freebie!

It was Meet the Teacher day today and I must say I am soooo excited to get those little cuties on Monday! They were so precious! I made them a little treat to take home with them that I wanted to share with you guys: I found these adorable little candy pencils on Pinterest last […]

3.5 more days!

Oh me, oh my! Thursday is my last day and I will be equipped with sunglasses and tissues all day because I hate goodbyes and I turn into a blubbering fool when they give me hugs and tell me they’re going to miss me 🙁 I am trying to mentally prepare myself and focus on […]

Testing & Mama’s Day!

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders just began taking their CRTs here in Nevada. High-stakes testing… ahhh! We knew how stressed out they were about the test so grades K-2 threw an adorable pep rally for the kids yesterday afternoon. We cheered, danced, and wished them well! We also paired up with a 5th grade […]