All About Me – GIVEAWAY!

I am excited to share that Miss Kindergarten and I have come together to bring you all a quick giveaway!! We have both recently come out with some “All About Me” units that are just perfect for those first few weeks in school. If you don’t know Miss Kindergarten, than you must be living under […]


Last weekend I was feelin’ quite blessed! This little ole blog was started just over a year ago and I cannot believe that I have reached 1,000+ followers! I am so thankful for all of the friendships I have made through this blog! 🙂 To thank all of you I have asked some of my […]

In Awe! 500 Follower Giveaway!!!

I am in awe…  Last Saturday around 2:00pm I reached 500 followers!!! I am so thrilled and I love all of you ladies n gents so much that I went all out for this giveaway! Seeing as we are getting into the Fall season, and being that I am from Salem, MA, I thought it […]

Just Droppin’ In!

Ahhhh!  I have been gone for SO long…  Doing things like this:  {Friend’s Bachelorette Party} I’ll stop the pictures there…. you get the idea….  You can tell by the picture quality what kinda *classy* joint we were in 😉 and doing this:      Apparently these are the faces I make when trying on a […]

Facebook launch & GIVEAWAY!

Quick! Look right! I added a facebook button! Check it out and help me make my page look… less lonely. Background: JW Illustrations, Frame: Goodness & Fun Ohmigoodness… I am almost, almost, alllmmoosstttt at 100 followers – WAHOO! Thank you so much my bloggy friends 🙂  This has been such a fun adventure filled with […]

Happy Mother’s Day and Giveaway Winner!

First things first…. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mamas and grandmas out there!!!! Here is what we did in our class for our moms: Sorry for the last minute, horrible, iphone pic, but it was a bit hectic this week!  This was my free download, Mother’s Day Recipe. On the back of the […]

Summer Bucket List Linky & Giveaway!

I linked up with A Cupcake for the Teacher to let you know what I plan on doing this summer – and its lots! I have been so inspired this year from the blogging world that I can’t wait to get organized and start a fresh new year of fun in first! (1) I love […]

My first ever giveaway!!!

After this weekend’s sale I noticed that my addition with 3 addends packet was selling more than in the past…. and it needed a major update!! I spent the past few days giving it a face lift and adding a few more things to the packet. Ta da! So now, I am going to try […]