What’s Your Schedule?! Linky!

Having moved from Vegas to Mass and teaching the same grade level, I am amazed about how different the day-to-day schedules are! It got me thinking… How long is your school day? How long do you have for each subject? Do you have a Social Studies or Science block? Do you get time for planning […]

Throwback Thursday!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am linking up with one of my *all time* favorite bloggers, Cara Carroll, for a little throwback Thursday fun! I have been blogging for a little over a year so there isn’t TOO much to look back on, but the post I picked is from September 2012! It is […]

Summer Bucket List & Some Lucky Winners!

I am so excited to join a FUN linky party hosted by some of my favorite bloggin’ friends!  Thank you Hadar, Teri, and April for hosting the 2nd annual Summer Bucket List linky! This will a busyyyy Summer for me.. so here it goes! {1} WE’RE MOVING!!!! Cross-country, that is! Back to Massachusetts to be […]

Poetry & Technology in the Classroom!

My good friend, Katie King, has been hosting a fantastic linky lately and I have been missing out! I used a few fun websites this morning so I thought I would link up and share! This morning I was the presenter for our grade level’s lesson study. (I am nosy…) Does your school do this?!?! […]

12-12-12 = WAY COOL!

One of my favorite blogging buddies, Stacy, is having a wayyyyy cool linky party to help us document our day on 12-12-12! Here are a few pictures from my day: 1. One of my little guys took a picture of me while I pretended to read a Santa book (after I really read it aloud). […]

Theraputic Thursdays

Wait, there’s a teacher-week linky party going on?!?? I have been in meetings, decorating, filling out forms, organizing, pulling out my hair, and trying not to scream for the past 3 days!!! I saw today’s topic and man, oh man, I can do this one! This is what I do to relaxxxx after days like […]

Drumroll Pleaseeeee & BTS Jitters!

Thank you to everyone who joined our *SWEET* giveaway over the weekend! Congrats, Karyn!!!! An email will be sent shortly 🙂 . . . Seeing as in-service starts Wednesday and I meet my kiddos Friday, I thought I would join up with A Turn to Learn and share my back-to-school jitters!  {1} I swear, the […]

My Summer Reads!

It is the first Monday since school has been out… so I consider this to be my FIRST day of summer!  I cleaned the whole apartment (its not that big – so I shouldn’t get that much praise for this) Went to the gym (the first time I’ve seen it since April) and cooked dinner […]