Addition in First Grade!

How do you teach addition in first grade? I love teaching addition in the younger grades. After we have built a strong number sense, we start with simple addition using manipulatives. We use buttons, cubes, gameboard pieces, etc. Basically anything we can get our hands on. Developmentally, I believe this is exactly what my first […]

Composing 2D Shapes Free Center Cards!

Money is now a thing of the past and geometry is where it’s at in room 102!   We have been identifying 2D shapes and their characteristics, while also getting familiar with these shapes by PLAYING! I mean… “composing” new shapes with pattern blocks and geoboards!   I love geometry because it is all hands-on […]

Money and Close Reading Activities

Show me the MONEY!  My students have been identifying coins and their values all week long and these introductory money activities have been just perfect for my first graders. You can see more money activities here. Over during reader’s workshop we have been focusing on close reading!! I wrote a whole post about close reading […]