Turkey Math

As November is nearing, I wanted to create some fun and seasonal math activities for my students to keep them engaged and learning! It can be a difficult few weeks of learning between all the candy crazed madness that Halloween brings, then the fun of Thanksgiving to winter holidays! I find the more I can […]

The Magical Product Swap Presents THE Katie King!

A little while ago, I joined Jessica’s product swap, and let me tell you… I was SO EXCITED when I got my partner 🙂 I got the one and only, KATIE KING! Yes, that is right, Katie King, Queen of the First Grade Jungle! I have been a follower (read:stalker) of her blog forever and […]

Subtraction freebie!

We have just begun 2 digit addition and subtraction and my-oh-my we need our practice!  I created a simple subtraction spinner game for the students to practice using place value to subtract two digit numbers. I created it specifically WITHOUT regrouping. I did this because we have just introduced this concept andddd… that is the […]

The first of many…

Being that this is my 1st blog post (technically 2nd) here is a little bit about me: My name is Susan Moran and I am originally from Salem, MA. I moved to Las Vegas about a year and a half ago with my boyfriend (now fiance!) and we love it here. The weather is amazing, […]