Free Money Game for First Grade!

I was always on the lookout for new and fun money games for my first grade students! We used to play a Race to $1 game from my first grade money unit, but this time I thought I would put a little spin on that game and turn it into a freebie for you. Enter: […]

Money and Close Reading Activities

Show me the MONEY!  My students have been identifying coins and their values all week long and these introductory money activities have been just perfect for my first graders. You can see more money activities here. Over during reader’s workshop we have been focusing on close reading!! I wrote a whole post about close reading […]

Our Penny Pockets – Classroom Management

Even though TECHNICALLY money is not a 1st grade common core standard, my kiddos still need to know about it right?!? Right. So, I have this behavior management tool called, “Our Penny Pockets” which allows me to teach and review coins and currency all year long! Essentially, students earn pennies for their good behavior throughout […]