Our Proposal…

On this day of love, I thought I would share our proposal story… my side of it at least….     All I wanted was a letter… Parker spoiled me our first year dating. He has a way with words and wrote the sweetest letters and love notes a girl could ever ask for! I […]

Will you be my bridesmaid???

Thank God for Pinterest. I must say I am a lucky, lucky gal to be getting married in the post-Pinterest world. Other people and their creativity amaze me. They also make me jealous. I have officially been engaged for over a year and I can FINALLY say that I am getting married this year!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!! […]

Just Droppin’ In!

Ahhhh!  I have been gone for SO long…  Doing things like this:  {Friend’s Bachelorette Party} I’ll stop the pictures there…. you get the idea….  You can tell by the picture quality what kinda *classy* joint we were in 😉 and doing this:      Apparently these are the faces I make when trying on a […]