Valentine’s Day!

Quick Post Alert. My days and weeks have been filled with SNOW… lots and lots of SNOW! Snow makes me want to cuddle up and sleep all day and night long… and that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing! I did grab some treats for my kiddos in case we have school tomorrow. Skittles, bubbles, […]

100th Day and Phonics Games

 Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, we have an hour long block set aside for centers! I love this because I can group my students accordingly and get to work on those skills they desperately need for a whole, mostly uninterrupted 60 minutes. This week was all about phonics development in my centers. Roll, Spell, and […]

Close Reading in 1st Grade & A Freebie

Close reading. Ya heard of it?! My old district and new district have been all about it since adopting the Common Core.   When I was first trained in close reading, I thought, HA! Nice try, in my most sarcastic voice. I didn’t see how this could possibly apply to my little first graders. I […]