Thanksgiving Fun

November 19, 2013

 It’s all turkeys and pilgrims in our room! 
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving with some fun holiday activities.
These crafts & writing are decorating our room:
 (on a side note, these grainy pictures make me really want to take the bull by the horns and learn how to use my new camera!)

Those writing prompts are from Deanna Jump’s Thanksgiving unit and the turkeys are actually my number of the day turkey! There is a long story involving printer paper and a RISO and a time crunch… but I won’t bore you with that…. 
Essentially it is the sad, sad reason we didn’t make these fun turkeys:
 Next year, it WILL happen!
We are also full-swing into turkey themed math games!
  Comparing #s review!
 Ordering #s 1-120
 Addition with 3 addends practice
Spin-a-Story Problem!
All the math games (and the turkey) are available in my “Thanksgiving Math Centers
We also started diving into the real REASON we are celebrating Thanksgiving! We learned all about the Pilgrims and their voyage and we started recording our vocabulary in this notebook from my pal, Stephanie (Falling into First):
This is just one of the amazing activities she has in her new Thanksgiving Unit

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