The end is near!

May 24, 2012

Tomorrow marks the TEN day countdown…
TEN more days…
I can’t quite believe it!
My kids are going wild, I am still finishing testing, and tomorrow is our Art & Academic Night (lots of pictures to come)!
Sometimes the only way to make it through is to laugh, so here are just a few funny things that have happened recently:
A couple ridiculous shirts:

If only you knew these students….. it makes it that much funnier!
And a few funny quotes:

When working in a small group…
Female student A: “Hey Ms. Moran, you kinda have a little mustache.”
Female student B: “Oh no, that’s fine, my mom says that its okay for girls to have a few whiskers!”
{Ms. Moran is now embarrassed… for the first time ever in front of 6 year olds… and bought a cream bleach immediately after school… no more whiskers 🙂 }

During a read-aloud about sea turtles laying eggs…
Female student C:  After being called upon, student C stands up in front of the class and proceeds to tell me, “Ms. Moran, now that you are engaged you are going to have your own babies – just like the turtle! Except that they will come out of… ya know…. there…[student is point at my lady parts in large circular motions]”
{Ms. Moran is now embarrassed… for the SECOND time in front of 6 year olds and awkwardly tries to change the subject back to turtles.}

and as of today during our school-wide volunteer reception…
After our principal graciously thanks our president of the parent committee
Male student D: clearly confused, yells out,”Wait what?!? That’s not our president… our president is some black dude!”
{Ms. Moran closes eyes, shakes head, and tries to remember that there are only 10 more days.}

Welp, the things kids will say!
Have a great night 🙂


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