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March 11, 2012

Being that this is my 1st blog post (technically 2nd) here is a little bit about me:
My name is Susan Moran and I am originally from Salem, MA. I moved to Las Vegas about a year and a half ago with my boyfriend (now fiance!) and we love it here. The weather is amazing, the city is open and running 24 hours a day, and there is ALWAYS something new and exciting to do only a few minutes away!
When I moved here, the school district was not hiring so I got a job as a fitting room attendant at Nordstrom Rack. While the discount was certainly useful, I knew I wanted to be begin my teaching career ASAP! In October,  I got a call from an elementary school here in Vegas and went in for my very first teaching interview – Eek! That day was a blur. I remember trying to find the perfect outfit, researching everything I could about the school, and scouring through old college papers and portfolios to decide what to bring to my interview. The whole day was worth it when I found out I got the job to teach 1st grade and I would be starting in a month!
I was so lucky that day and I still consider myself lucky to be working at an amazing school, with an amazing staff, and the MOST amazing kiddos! You will hear more about them as I continue to post on my blog. For now, this is what I have for you:
The weather in Vegas is officially in the mid 70s, my third trimester is starting on Monday, and there are only 12 more weeks of school left!! Yes… I have already started a summer countdown…
With third trimester starting, I looked at our Common Core standards and created some cute math games and centers. They are selling on TpT for $3!
Have a great day 🙂

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