Theraputic Thursdays

August 24, 2012

Wait, there’s a teacher-week linky party going on?!??
I have been in meetings, decorating, filling out forms, organizing, pulling out my hair, and trying not to scream for the past 3 days!!!
I saw today’s topic and man, oh man, I can do this one!
This is what I do to relaxxxx after days like today… and yesterday… and I can only guess tomorrow too.
Shopping (well, kinda…)
This may be very strange, but spending money is actually quite stressful to me, shopping, on the other hand, is wonderful and quite relaxing. Sooooo… I have this odd habit of grabbing a cart at one of my {many} favorite stores and walking through the entire store acting as if I had $500 to spend. I try things on, I negotiate with myself [okay, Susan if you buy these pair of shoes you can’t get the purse], I spend hours deciding how I will spend my $500. 
Just when I have made all my final decisions I leave the cart there and walk out of the store.
Is this weird?!?!?? Ha! I don’t know why but for some reason it relaxes me and I get the “high” of shopping without any buyer’s remorse.
Long, hot, showers.
I shower until the hot water turns cold.
I know that is NOT environmentally friendly and is not great for my water bill. But I love standing under the hot water. I zone out and am in my own little world.
Lay on couch. Turn on Bravo or HGTV. Sit and stare for hourrrsssssssssss.
Weekends and summertime are usually spent with my eyes glued on these stations. 
I have no shame.
That is all I have for today!
I am going to shower, then watch TV 🙂
I am also making some super cute treats for Meet the Teacher day that I will be posting this weekend, so make sure you come back and check ’em out!
Go check out what others do to relax:

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  • Oh my gosh, how could I forget about how therapeutic shopping is! LOL. I totally forgot to mention that in my post. I swear that I do the same exact thing as you when I'm shopping. I start filling up my cart & then decide that I can't buy any of it hehe. 🙂 I can't wait to see your Meet the Teacher treats!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  • I do a virtual window shopping trip, filling my cart, and then walking away. It is relaxing. And sometimes when I go back, it is on sale!

  • No, you're totally right on when it comes to the "imaginary" shopping spree. I LOVE shopping by myself. I go from store to store picking items that I'd like, keeping track of the cost on my phone and then leave. I tell myself if I still feel the need to buy stuff in a week then I will go back for it. I rarely go back. But then there are those days when I accidentally do just go on a splure-a-thon. I like those days too 😉

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First