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September 11, 2020

Are you using Seesaw this year in your classroom? In this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for using Seesaw. What’s great about Seesaw is that while most teachers are using it now for distance learning, there are others who have been using it as a digital portfolio for years! If you have ipads in your classroom, Seesaw is fun app to use to document student learning!


Over the last few months, I have become much more familiar with Seesaw and it’s uses (on both the parent and teacher side) and I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you!

I have made two different Seesaw tutorials for teachers and I thought I would share them here for you.


Making lessons in Seesaw:

In this first tutorial, I show exactly how I go ahead and upload PDFs (or images) and use them to digitize any paper and pencil products. I also show how to make lessons with moveable images, how to add links, and how to share your Seesaw lessons with others!

You can watch that here:

There is A LOT jam-packed into the video so many teachers have given 2 tips while watching. I talk fast (northeasterner here) so if you want to slow it down you can actually press the gear button and slow down my speed. This will help you both watch what I am doing and listen to what I am saying at the same time. Other teachers have simply said they watched it a few times! The first time they watch, they focus on one part of the tutorial, then go into their Seesaw account and try it out. Then, they come back and watch again before trying a different part of the tutorial. Whatever works for you!


Once you have the basics down, I wanted to dive a little deeper, so I just recently made a Seesaw part 2 video showcasing some of the other features you can use inside the platform.

Organizing lessons in Seesaw:

In this next tutorial, I go over 3 different tools Seesaw has which help you organize your assignments, lessons, and also keep track of students’ work! Specifically, I show how to use the skills feature to easily assign rubrics to your students’ work with a visually-appealing color-coded chart.

I also show how to use folders to assign lessons. This is great for not only teachers to organize their own assignments by subject, but also if you are working with specialists and they are a co-teacher on your account, they can assign their own lessons right into the folder. This helps you (and them) more easily find the assignments they are giving to students!

Lastly, I show how you can quickly organize your evergrowing library of Seesaw resources, by using collections! This is just an easy way to organize and sort all your new material.

You can watch this tutorial here:


I hope you enjoy both of these videos! If you are looking for more tips, ideas, and strategies (specifically for K-2 teachers) please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I upload new videos every Sunday.


If you’re looking for more distance learning tips, check out my distance learning blog posts:


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Are you using Seesaw for distance learning or in the classroom? This post has some very helpful Seesaw tutorials for teachers to watch. They show how to make lessons in Seesaw and how to organize all the content within the Seesaw platform! Just click over to watch..

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