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March 18, 2014

Yesterday was a FANTASTIC day!! For many reasons, but first and foremost… THIS:
Yes, yes, yes! The Parkster and I are having a wee little baby! We had our first ultrasound yesterday and the little peanut was moving around like crazy. We were immediately in LOVE with that tiny thing. I will likely be writing lots about pregnancy and baby in months to come on my personal blog, Late Nights and Lattes, if you want to catch me over there.
That appointment was in the afternoon so I was sure to fill my morning at school with lots of FUN St. Patty’s Day activities!
We started out our morning with some Lucky Charms and green milk. I so wish I could share the kids faces because they were cheezin’ big time with green milky smiles.
We played some fun math games with the help of Katie King’s Busy Teacher pack. We have been working on making 10 and quickly noticing sets of numbers that make 10 in order to help us add larger numbers, so these 2 activities were just perfect!
 Making Rainbows:
If the two numbers equal ten, they can color in the rainbow. If the two numbers do not equal ten, they must cross it out.

Strike it Rich:
Students roll a die and figure out what number they need to add to it to make 10. They take turns coloring in the coins and see who is the “richest” at the end!
During our reading block, we read Jamie O’Rourke and the Pooka and completed Kelley’s Story Element Shamrocks. We had completed these last year, so I knew they were a big hit! The kids got a kick out of making their own four leaf clovers!
And after lunch, I brought out some more of those Lucky Charms to graph some marshmallows! We used Jen’s Marshmallow Math pack and the kids loved it.

I wasn’t there for our writing block in the afternoon, but my kiddos wrote about how they would catch a leprechaun. It was a fun, exciting, and emotional (for me and hubs) day! It was perfect 🙂

Hope your class had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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