Turkey Malurkey & a Bundle!

October 28, 2012

Turkey day is one of my favorite holidays! 
Random fact about me: I used to call it Mashed Potato Day when I was a kid because I hate, hate, hated turkey… but I tell ya, I loved mashed potatoes. Garlic mashed potatoes, buttery mashed potatoes, cheesy mashed potatoes, sour cream, chives, and bacon mashed potatoes. Oh-em-gee are your mouths watering yet?! That is right… I wouldn’t eat turkey, I wouldn’t eat stuffing, I wouldn’t eat cranberry sauce, just a whopping pile of mashed potatoes. What can I say? I was a weird kid.
Well now, as a much more mature adult, I have learned to like turkey. Not love, just like.
I finished my Thanksgiving literacy centers this past weekend and while I say they are for Thanksgiving, they are mostly just TURKEY themed!
Here are a few of my fave parts from my new pack:
 Turkey Races!
It is no secret that I love games. This one is easy-peasy and fun to play! Students roll a die and find the corresponding sound. Students can move their marker to the closest word that has that sound in it. If students roll a turkey, they get to move their partner’s marker all the way back to start – BOO YAH! The first one to the finish line wins! If they make it there too quickly, I make them race to the finish and back to start!

I made a separate game for short vowels, long vowels, digraphs (above), and blends. My kids are all working on different spelling patterns right now so this will help differentiate!
Next, I can’t help but make another turkey craft! I made this one to resemble the cute little turkeys all over this pack (from the ever-fabulous Jessica Weible)
These are just some of the activities in my “Turkey Malurkey” literacy pack! If you’d like to check out more, just click on the picture below and download the preview at my TPT store 🙂

I also decided to bundle these ELA activities with my math centers to create:
Hip hip hooray – it’s Turkey Day! Bundle!

***They are all the same activities, just bundled for a discounted price 🙂 ***

On a side note:

Parkster and I just got back from an amazing little 3 day getaway here in Vegas and I am exhauuuusted! I was too busy having fun to take any pictures!! I did snap this little ditty of our crazy HUGE, but crazy delicious dinner at Hash House A Go-Go!

(Ignore the goofy faces)

Have a great week!

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  • I love Hash Hash a go go! I live in Utah so whenever we go to Vegas or California we always stop there to eat. Did you love it? They have the biggest pancakes ever. Your turkey bundles look like so much fun!
    The Hive