Turkey Math

October 11, 2012

As November is nearing, I wanted to create some fun and seasonal math activities for my students to keep them engaged and learning! It can be a difficult few weeks of learning between all the candy crazed madness that Halloween brings, then the fun of Thanksgiving to winter holidays! I find the more I can tie in the holidays to our learning, the better we all fare!

Some of the activities I made are below!

Spin-a-story problem:
We work a lot on story problems in my class – solving them, dissecting them, creating them, etc. This is a fun little activity to get their brains workin’ and their creativity flowin’! Students use a paper clip and pencil to spin 2 spinners. The first one gives them what their story is about and the second spinner tells them if they are writing an addition or subtraction story problem. Students write their problem, draw their problem, and solve it with a number sentence! I have students do this with their partner at their seat and they have a lot of fun challenging each other to solve their problems.

Number of the day turkey:

I see a lot of turkey crafts during the holidays, but I wanted to add a little something to it. My kids usually complete a “number of the day” where they show me the different ways to make a number, so I thought I would take it one step further and have them make their number into a turkey! Students choose their number and write it in the middle of their turkey. On each feather they will show their number in different ways (tens frame, picture, number word, tallies, base 10 cubes, and sentence). I included all the templates for this little craft in my packet.

All Mixed Up!
Students practice pulling turkey cards that have random numbers on them (0-120) and either put them in order from least to greatest or compare the 2 numbers using <, >, =.

You can see all of these activities and more by clicking HERE!

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