What We’ve Been Up To (in photos)

November 3, 2012

Is it just me or was this the longest.week.ever?!
It is 8pm and I have pizza in my hand, my jammies on, and the first 3 seasons of Friends in the DVD player ready to keep me occupied for the weekend!
That being said, I will not be “talking” a lot in this post. Here are just a few things we did this week:
 We started addition with 3 addends this week and my kiddos were rockstars! They used their addend mats to practice showing and solving addition story problems. These mats and loads of other activities and games can be found in my {Addition with 3 Addends packet}.
 My *power-hour* group is beginning their long vowels with bossy e and we played this fun read the room game! It is a fabulous freebie I found from Mrs. Pollard over at Tales of a Teacherista! The students make their own little bossy e wand and walk around the room adding the e and recording the new word. They were loving it!

 Oh ya… and it was Halloween this week! My kids were wild n’ crazy all day Wednesday but I kept them pretty busy. This is a game my ah-mazing teacher-friend, Michelle, showed me last year. Essentially the students put 10 Q-Tips on the skeleton and take turns removing 1 or 2 of them at a time. The goal of this strategy game is to NOT be the last person to remove a “bone.” Once the students catch on, they love this game and giggle all darn day!
There are loads of other pictures of Halloween and our field trip we took Monday, but my kiddos smiling faces are plastered all over them and I don’t feel like covering them all up with goofy circles, so you’ll just have to trust me… we had a BALL!
Now, this teacher is exhausted!
I will see you in a couple days with a few treats I have for ya 🙂

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    • We had our conferences last week and we do have to schedule them ourselves 🙁 We have a scheduled night of contracted time (until 7pm) and then one whole day off to complete the majority of our conferences. At least we don't have report cards for a few more weeks! I feel for you!