Winter Activities for First Grade!

January 8, 2014

BRRRRR… it’s cold in here…
(there must be some Torros in the atmosphere – tell me I’m not the only one that thought of that right away!)
We are back at it in room 102. It sure is cold out and we are just having fun, working away! It was hard to go back, don’t get me wrong, but I just love seeing their little, smiling faces after such a long break. I wanted to share some of the fun, winter activities we have been doing over here!
In math, we have been learning all about fact families. We used these two excellent freebies from two of my blogging friends:
Ummm…. yeah that is Frankenstein… and I know it’s January, but Katie King’s freebie is too dang good not to use. So, we called it “monster math” and went about our day!
Grab it HERE!
Then, sticking with the season, we used this cute freebie from Michelle Oakes! My students loved the little penguins.
Grab it HERE!
In writing, we went right back into writing how to stories. I picked up these two books over break and I was so excited to put them to good use:

After we read both books, I had my students practice their how-to writing using the prompt, “This is how I stay warm in the cold!” We have plenty of winter prompts that we are using from my Winter Writing Prompts unit.
First, get a blanket and snuggle in it. Next, stand next to the heater. Watch out! Not that close. Last, put on mittens, a coat, and a scarf. I feel warm.

First, you make a fire out of sticks. Next, get some winter clothes like a hat and coat and mittens. Last, you drink hot cocoa and you get a blanket.

In reading, we have been practicing close reading in small groups – is your district all about it too?! Thankfully, I had some training on close reading in Vegas before I left so I was pretty familiar with the process before I moved back to MA. We are using both fiction and non-fiction passages from my Close Reading Winter unit.

I also have close reading passages for the entire year that can be found below:

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  • Haha absolutely immediately thought of the Bring It On reference 🙂

    I have the same penguin freebie printed & ready firsties. We haven't used it yet but it looks great! Can't wait to see your new close reading packet – I'm sure it will be another product I'll purchase!

    Have a great week,
    First Time Firstie

  • Just wanted to congratulate you on your marriage. You share my wedding day! Stephen and I were married in 1972! Sooo it's a great day to choose to be married. I hope your love continues forever!