Would You Rather Questions for Kids!

August 25, 2019

I love playing, “Would You Rather?” in the classroom at many different times throughout the year! At the beginning of the year, it’s such a fun ice-breaker as students giggle and answer the goofy, kid-friendly questions.


I compiled a little video sharing some of the ways and times I play this game in my classroom below:

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You can also grab 10 free would you rather questions to display to your students by downloading the preview of the product below. I also included response sheets and journal headers in case you want students to write their responses!

Here is an example of the printable journal prompts:

and the response sheets:

Pin to remember:

Would you rather questions for kids! I love playing "Would You Rather?" at the beginning of the school year to break the ice and get students giggling as they learn to express their opinions and share their reasoning.


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