Consonant Blends Activities

June 22, 2012


Consonant blends packet filled with games and activities!

This packet covers all the tricky sticky beginning blends!

In this unit:

{s blends}: sk, sl, sn, sw, st, sm, & sp
{r blends}: fr, pr, br, cr, tr, gr, & dr
{l blends}: fl, pl, gl, bl, sl, cl

*Search and find organizers for each of the above blends.

*Cut and paste activity for sorting r-blends

*S-blend spinner game to identify and apply beginning s-blends (nonsense and real words)

*Cover up game for identifying words beginning with l-blends

*Silly decodable books for s-blends, r-blends, and l-blends

*Card game for 2-4 players for reading and identifying words with beginning blends


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