Long Vowel Comprehension Passages | DIGITAL & PRINTABLE

November 12, 2020


These long vowel reading comprehension passages are perfect for kindergarten and first-grade students who are working on their beginning comprehension. I made this set specifically for distance learning so students can easily access this in Seesaw, Google Classroom, and there is also a printable version as well!

This long vowel set includes 18 different passages to cover silent e and long vowel teams:

  • 2 silent e (a_e)
  • 2 silent e (o_e)
  • 2 silent e (u_e)
  • 2 silent e (i_e)
  • 2 vowel teams (ai/ay)
  • 2 vowel teams (ie/igh)
  • 2 vowel teams (ee/ea)
  • 2 vowel teams (ui/ue)
  • 2 vowel teams (oe/oa)

All 18 passages are available in three different formats: Seesaw, Google Slides, and printable for pencil and paper use.

Each passage is well thought out and made with simple sight words. They include 2 comprehension questions as well as a place to draw (or drag) a picture to show that students understand the entire passage.

Please note: this digraph version is one of many in a growing bundle of beginning reading comprehension passages, found HERE: BEGINNING READER BUNDLE

Enjoy 🙂

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