End of Year Activities: Countdown to Summer

March 24, 2017


These end of year activities are the perfect way to keep your students learning and engaged while having FUN! Each themed day sticks to a daily schedule with an activity for every learning block (and then some!)

What is Countdown to Summer?

During the last week or two of the school year I like to make the days as memorable as I can for my young students! There is a LOT going on for teachers so I thought I would take the time to plan out six complete days of lessons and activities for you!!

The 6 themes are as follows:

– Camping

– Friendship

– Sports

– Memories

– The Beach

– Ice Cream

And within each day there are:

Math activities

Reading activities *with and without a book suggestion

Phonics activities

Writing activities

Social Studies/Science activities

Craft & Snack ideas

As I mentioned, being a teacher at the end of the year can be busy – so I included black and white options for every single activity that may require color! That way you can COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZE how you want to spend your last few days with your students!

You can pick and choose the activities you have time for or plan them all!

Please download the preview for a closer look at the Camping Day!

***Are there any other themed days you would like to see included?*** Leave me a Q&A with a suggestion! I will consider adding that themed day to this unit if I get enough requests!!


Susan Jones

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