Phonics Read the Room Activities!

December 14, 2021


This phonics read the room activity is a fun way to get students up and moving while practicing their phonemic awareness skills!

There are 17 different phonics skills practiced in this unit with 18 cards for each!

Students will walk around the room and look for each picture and word card and identify if the word/image has the target sound.

They will use a recording sheet to mark thumbs up or thumbs down based on whether or not they hear the sound. You can try a FREE one for /ch/ when you download the preview!!

The different skills included are:

  • short a
  • short e
  • short i
  • short o
  • short i
  • ch
  • sh
  • th
  • wh
  • s-blends (initial)
  • l-blends (initial)
  • r-blends (initial)
  • long a
  • long o
  • long i
  • long e
  • long u

If you purchased this and would like more skills included, just email me at and let me know! Please put “read the room suggestions” in the subject line.

**Please note: this unit is already included in the SJT Literacy Club. If you are a member of the club, please do not purchase this unit**


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