What’s the Rule? Phonemic Awareness Slides!


These “What’s the Rule?” phonemic awareness slides are a fun way to introduce and/or review phonics skills! Instead of explicitly teaching a new concept, see if you can have students identify the concept on their own first!

To use these, simply show students examples of the skill and non-examples and see if they can identify the rule. This way students practice thinking outside the box and coming up with their own ideas about a topic before they dive in. You’ll also get to see what prior knowledge they have before diving into something new.

You can do this with all sorts of phonics skills (and other subjects), but in this unit, I created 44 different ready-to-use slides that you can display for your students.

You will simply display a slide of your choice and students must figure out, “what’s the rule?” The thumbs-up side means all those images follow the rule (ex: all images begin with the sound /b/) while the thumbs-down side means NONE of the images follow that rule.

This is available in PDF version to simply open and display as well as Google Slides, if you prefer that! Both come with a clickable table of contents.

If you purchased this and would like more skills included, just email me at susanjonesteaching@gmail.com and let me know! Please put “read the room suggestions” in the subject line.

**Please note: this unit is already included in the SJT Literacy Club. If you are a member of the club, please do not purchase this unit**