Close Reading in 1st Grade – Spring Edition

February 18, 2014

For more information about how I run close in reading in my 1st grade classroom, click HERE and you can read all about it!
A few days ago, I put the finishing touches on my Close Reading – Spring unit and I wanted to share a couple passages from the pack!
I am currently on February vacation – YAHOO – and quite honestly with the mounds and mounds of snow, it doesn’t feel like Spring is anywhere close. However, I know in some parts of the country the temps are rising, so I wanted to get this pack out sooner rather than later.
This unit is set up the same way as my Close Reading – Winter pack.
It has a few pages explaining how I do close reading in my classroom as well as a few generic close reading practice sheets that can be used on books/poems/passages of your choice. There are 5 non-fiction passages  and 5 fiction passages, each with vocabulary and comprehension text-dependent questions.
The nonfiction passages include:
Flowers Bloom
Pet Rabbits
Thunder & Lightning
Monarch Butterflies
Sneak Peek:

We use lots of circle, highlighting, and arrows to prove our thinking!
The fiction passages include:
Hippity, Hoppity – a story about a bunny that helps his frog friend overcome a fear
Rainy Day Fun – a story about a boy who grows restless after it has rained for 5 days in a row
Let’s Fly a Kite – a fantasy story about a boy and his magical secret
Check out my Bug Collection – a story about 2 girls who learn to love bugs and start a collection
Caterpillar & Bumblebee – a story about 2 insects who deal with caterpillar’s change into a butterfly
Sneak Peek:

If you are interested in checking out my close reading packs, click below! Other seasons are in the works, included non-fiction only units and more 🙂

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  • Ah, Bluebonnets. I do believe I saw one peeking its head out of a potentially-beautiful patch just dying to burst open the joy! Your pack looks beautiful, too!