Football Writing Prompts and Craft!

January 26, 2013

Are you ready for some football?!?
As many of you already know… I am a HA-UGE Patriots fan.
So… after last week’s loss to the stinkin’ Ravens.. I was in a funk. I was moping around, snapping at loved ones… you get the picture. It is not a good look on me.
To get me outta this funk – I thought I would make a football pack for the Super Bowl!!
Yes – this little guy was made to represent TOM BRADY, otherwise known as the best quarterback of all time! For the rest of your non-Pats loving students, I also made a blank jersey so students can choose their favorite team/number/color to decorate!
Also, in the pack are lots of writing prompts to keep your kids hitting those Common Core Standards!
Here are some examples:
How-to achieve my goal – great for goal setting!
How-to show sportsmanship – students brainstorm ideas for before the game, during the game, and after the game.
How-to do a touchdown dance (my fave!) – students create their own touchdown dance and perform it for the class. They can teach their classmates how to do their dance with this how-to writing activity!
Also included is this easy writing center with football prompts. There are narrative, informative, and opinion prompts to meet all the standards. Students can shuffle up the cards and complete them independently with some free writing time!
If you’d like to know more about this pack you can check it out at my TPT store by clicking on the cover below!
Happy weekend everyone!

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  • So fun. Thank you. This would be perfect for our room transformation that will be football themed.