Interactive Read Aloud in 1st Grade

September 6, 2015

Interactive read aloud lessons in my first grade classroom have completely changed my Reader’s Workshop. My students love to read these classics and I now have all the questions and stopping points ready to go!
I recently wrote a post HERE about what an interactive read aloud is and how I use them in my first grade classroom.


My overall takeaway about an interactive read aloud is this:
Interactive read aloud is essentially a planned and purposeful read aloud that encourages thoughtful and respectful discussion!


During our read aloud times my students sit in a circle promoting eye contact and respectful listening and together we dig deeper into some of my (and eventually their) favorite books! The picture books above and the ones in my previous post are some of my favorite books to teach about and practice certain skills!
If you have read my previous post then you will know I created a unit of ready-made, one-page lesson plans to go along with each of these books (there will be 64 lessons in all!) and I wanted to show you what the beginning of the year scope and sequence looks like:
You can see the overall theme each month, the books I chose for interactive read aloud and the more focused skill I zoom in on in each book. I wanted to show you this because I chose these books very purposefully and I also wanted to mention that I read these books (which are amazing for all sorts of reasons) don’t only cover the skills I mentioned – they cover LOTS of skills and my students and I will read many of these books more than once throughout the year.


My main point in bringing this up is that while Chrysanthemum is a fantastic book for text-to-self connections, the beginning of the year, main idea, vocabulary, etc. but during my read aloud and my lesson – we will remain focused on the skill at hand and try to develop that skill throughout the entire book! I really emphasize this point to my students as well and show them that we can read books over and over while noticing “new and exciting things” each time! That’s just a little tidbit on how I hold these interactive read alouds in my room!

If you want to look at a lesson, you can download a free lesson for Officer Buckle and Gloria by downloading the preview below:


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