Artwork in the Classroom

March 21, 2013

It is Nevada Reading Week and our days are JAM-packed with “mystery readers,” book reports, author studies, and lots and lots of reading!
On Monday, we learned all about Ezra Jack Keats! We had read Snowy Day about 15 times this year, so my students loved to learn more about him and read more of his stories. We read Whistle for Willie, Dreams, and Goggles.
We also learned that Ezra Jack Keats was famous for his illustrations, more specifically for his collages. I thought it would be fun to create our own collages using colored pencils, markers, crayons, and lots of construction paper. I gave each student a blank piece of paper, loads of art materials, and I just let them loose!
   Their goal was to create an illustration that had a clear setting, character, and event. When we were finished, we shared our stories with the class using “illustrator’s chair.”
Next time, I would certainly go buy some paints to make this little project even more fun!
Even without the paint, they were so engaged and really enjoyed the creativity of the project. It made this teacher happy.
Speaking of being a happy teacher, I received the SWEETEST gift the other day from a student. He went to a painting studio over the weekend with his family and made this… for ME! I couldn’t believe it! I was overwhelmed that he would even think to give something so special to me. 
 It is hanging proudly in our classroom!!
2 more days until Spring Break!

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