February Math Centers – Valentine Math

January 23, 2015

Math centers/Math tubs are my favorite part of our math block in first grade. This is when I meet with small groups, re-assess students, and watch my kids practice their INDEPENDENCE!


Once August and September fly by, my kids are on their own during our 25 minute “math tub” time. Now, don’t get me wrong… my feelers are still out and my eyes are wandering around the classroom to give reminders to students who need them… but for the most part, my kids take the tubs and go!


I just finished and uploaded my February math centers based on what my students are learning at this time. I also asked my Facebook Followers to see what their kids are learning now!


Here is a little sneak peek:
Heartbreakers: place value & expanded form practice


ValenTIME’s Day: addition with 3 addends and telling time to the hour and half hour.


The other 4 centers are:
Sweethearts: mentally adding/subtracting 10 from 2-digit numbers
My little book of story problems
True to your heart: comparing 2 digit numbers
Valentine Surveys


You can grab my Valentine math centers HERE or if you want to catch a deal, you can grab all my math centers for the whole year for a discounted price below:


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