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July 25, 2016

I am horrible at storing centers.
Like, really, reallllyyyy bad.


I used to spend so much time printing things in color, laminating them, and getting them ready for use in the classroom. They were beautiful… until I had to put them away and store them for next year. I would always lose pieces. Honestly, I have NO idea where they would all go! Unfortunately these things happen in all aspects of my life… and I am always re-buying or re-making things because who know where the originals went!?!


Anywho, I would HATE to have to re-print my beautiful centers and get all the pieces together, so instead I came out with a bunch of print and play math games that are black and white ONLY, can be thrown in the recycling bin after each use, or thrown into a binder with some page protectors and used with markers. The only things you need for these games are dice, paperclips, pencils, crayons and cubes! All stuff you should have in your classroom already!


I just added some place value games to my unit, so I wanted to share a couple with you!


 Fill a Row:
Students simply spin the tens and ones spinners to make their 2-digit number. They then find it in the grid. Once it is found they can take their color cube and place it in that row. The goal is to try and be the first player to fill a row with ONLY their color! As they play they are identifying numbers and also using number sense to find their number in each row. The numbers are not in order, but they are listed from least to greatest in every row.


Best of Ten:
This is a simple game to get students comparing 2 digit numbers.
They simple roll two different dice and place them in the tens and ones boxes on the card.
Each player will write their numbers down and students will circle who has the higher number. At the end they see who had the higher number the most times.


Roll & Take:
There are two version of this game in the place value portion of my game unit and this is the more challenging one.
Students simply roll a die and move that many spaces on the board. They then have to take cubes and see who has the most at the end. This one is a bit trickier because as they play they will also be subtracting and giving cubes to their opponent if they land on a special place. With any of the place value games that require collecting and counting cubes, I make sure that they are constantly re-assessing to see if they can trade in ten ones for a 10s stack.


If you want to see any more of the print and play games available, you can check them out here:


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  • I can’t wait to use these with my students. Thank you for making it easier to find great materials!

  • Many of my year 1 students are struggling with the concept of place value, especially as we are required to teach up to 130 before the end of the year. So, any place value games are much appreciated!

  • Can’t wait to try out some of these games with the children I work with. Playing games and learning at the same time. They’ll never know.


  • I’m looking forward to having this activity for my kiddos. We are learning place value right now and this would be excellent to include.