First Week of School Activities and a FREEBIE!

July 19, 2014

My first day of school is in less than one month. 29 more days.
The countdown is on.

It is not as exciting as the countdown that happens at the end of the year, but I know a new school year is just around the corner, so I might as well start getting excited!

(No worries, I am not a freak… I fully intend to enjoy every.last.second of my summer as well)

As the new year approaches, I wanted to get my mind (and printer) ready for those first days of school. I opened up my files and VOILA I found my first week fun unit.

It is always a hit and helps my new batch of first graders get to know one another and their classroom better.

There was only teensy weensy problem. The unit needed some major updating! It was actually one of the first units I ever uploaded to TPT, so please forgive the old looks and say HHHEEEELLLOOOO to a new look:

This product has all the same great material. It is just updated with some new clipart! I also added a few new activities that your students are sure to love.

Here is a part of the mini-book my students complete throughout the week:

It also still includes one of my favorite activities that we complete after we read My Mouth is a Volcano! by Julia Cook. It is a must at the beginning of the year!

There are 11 total activities for your students to complete during those first weeks of school. The list is as follows:
– My new class mini-book (boy and girl version)
– Writing response: “One important class rule is….”
– All About Me! Brainstorming map
– Things I am good at! Brainstorming map
– Ice breaker: “Find someone…”
– Partner activity: Classroom Checklist!
– Library Exploration: My Book Hunt!
– This Year vs. Last Year Venn Diagrom
– Summer personal narrative – organizers and writing paper
– Things I love about my new class – organizer and writing paper
– “My Mouth is a Volcano!” craft and writing activity

 I also decided to make one of the new additions to the unit a FAN FREEBIE on my facebook page. This is a classroom checklist for you students to complete with a partner. It is a fun way for them to get to know the classroom and their surroundings a little better!

Just click the image below to grab it.

Also don’t forget, if you already purchased this item, just re-download it on TPT and you will get the new version!

Have a happy, happy weekend everyone!

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  • I am I first year teacher and love love these ideas! I’m about to buy the book My Mouth is a Volcano right now, it seems perfect for the first week.