Tacky the Penguin Activities

January 10, 2015

Do your students just love Tacky, the Penguin?!
 If I can find one reason to be bummed that I’m on maternity leave, it’s that I don’t get to teach TACKY! My students l-o-v-e reading about that silly Tacky and I love teaching all about him! Last year I created my Mo Willems author study and I wanted to create a similar unit focused on Tacky with some great Tacky the penguin activities.


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My students love Tacky the Penguin! If you're looking for some literacy activities to complete while reading a bunch of different Tacky books, this blog post has a ton of ideas! From character traits with Tacky to comparing the different books, there is a lot to study when looking at Tachy the Penguin!


The literacy unit I created has specific Tacky the Penguin activities for the following 6 Tacky books:
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If you don’t own those books, they can easily be found at most libraries!
At the end of the unit, there are also some response sheets that can be used with any Tacky book!
I scoured through the six Tacky books that I own and read each year and came up with comprehension, vocabulary, and opinion questions for each text. I also made a little Tacky craft and some general Tacky activities that can be used with any book.
Here is a close look at what’s included:


and there is lots more!


Click on the cover below to see if this unit works for your students 🙂

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  • That's amazing! I'm sure all kids adore these activities. Sometimes it can be difficult to engage young learners and you definitely need something interesting to both have fun and study something new. A while ago I got original essay writer support to come up with perfect tasks and games for my kiddos. Now I plan on getting some printouts with pictures. There are so many though, and a usually feel like a child in a candy shop whenever I try to pick only one set. Anyway, thanks for another great post!