Fun and Easy Number Sense Game for Kindergarten and First Grade!

January 1, 2019

Sometimes the simplest games are the most effective!

This is what I have found with one of my favorite number sense games that I’ve used and adapted for my kinder and first grade students over the years. The game is called Find the Fish and it’s easy to prep and fun to play! I took a few minutes to share how to play this game over on my new YouTube series called: Susan’s Sunday Spotlight.


Susan’s Sunday Spotlight:

In the video above, I show you quickly how to play the game and also share some easy ways to adapt it and make it more difficult as they year progresses. This is a game I love because, while I start with numbers 0-20 with my students still working on number ID, I can use this game for letter identification, sight word identifcation, and many other things!


Sight word example:

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Pin to remember:

This simple number sense game is effective and fun for kindergarten and first grade students working on number identification! I love to play this game in small groups and with partners. Head on over to the post to see more ways to extend this game and make it more difficult throughout the year!

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