Free December Games!

December 15, 2018

December is always a crazy teaching month. To combat the mayhem we play a lot of games and spend this time reviewing what we’ve learned during the first half of the year!

I recently sent out these 3 free games in my monthly newsletter and I wanted to share them with you here in case anyone didn’t receive them.


Here is a quick overview and video of how to play each game:


Down the Chimney:

This game review addition with three addends. Students simply choose a chimney and take turns rolling 3 dice to find the sum. They will cover their sum on their chimney and continue until one student goes down their chimeny first (by covering all the sums).



Grab the Gifts:

The subtraction game has 2 different game boards (a 10 and a 15). With the 15 game board – seen below – students roll 2 dice, find the sum, and subtract that number from 15 to find the difference. I like this type of game because it has students practicing multistep problem-solving. The 10 game board is a bit simpler and has students rolling one die and subtracting that from 10 to find the difference. Whenever they find a difference, they cover that gift with their color cube until all gifts are covered. Whoever colored the most, wins!


Light the Candles:

The game is a phonics one and has students identifying the beginning digraph of a word. Students race to be the first to identify and light the candles on their side of the menorah!


You can grab all three of these games for free by signing up for my newsletter below. Just click the image.

The games will be delivered right to your inbox!


Pin to remember:

December is the perfect time to play LOTS of games to review skills we've learned during the first half of first grade! Head on over to the post to grab 3 free games.

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