Free Money Game for First Grade!

April 5, 2019

I was always on the lookout for new and fun money games for my first grade students!

We used to play a Race to $1 game from my first grade money unit, but this time I thought I would put a little spin on that game and turn it into a freebie for you.

Enter: Pop the Piggy!

This fun game has students practicing identifying coin values and exchanging money. There a numerous piggy bank sheets so you can differentiate this game as needed.


Just click play on the short little video below to see how to play:


After you watch the video, download the FREE sheets below:


If you’re looking for more money activities, check out my Money unit here:



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Pin to remember:

Looking for a fun and FREE money game to help your kindergarten, first, and second grade students identify coins and their values?! Pop the Piggy is a great whole group or partner activity where students try to pop theor piggy bank first! Grab your free game over on the blog!


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