Friendship Day Activities!

April 12, 2017

If you read my last post about my Countdown to Summer activities then you know I have another day of FUN ready for you! My past post was all about camping activities and my second fun-filled day is all about Friendship.


End of year activities
All these activities are part of a fun new product I came out with for the end of the year called Countdown to Summer! This is a 5 day all-encompassing unit which includes lessons and activities for every subject area! There is MORE than enough for you to have boatloads of fun during the last days of school while still reviewing and learning!


I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of the new activities I included for Day 2, Friendship Day:
Focus skill is data collection and analysis
This activity can be down whole group or in small groups where students will survey their friends to tally the results of different graphing questions (there are 4 total). After students tally the results, they will complete the bar graph and answer questions about the data!
Focus skill is beginning consonant blends 
Students will partner up and play a phonics game to identify different beginning consonant blends! There is a mixed version (shown above) as well as a version for s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends separately.


Focus skill is making inferences
Is there a better friendship than Elephant & Piggie?! We read this fun book by Mo Willems and make some inferences along the way about how our two favorite characters are feeling! I include an entire read-aloud sheet that has stopping points and questions to ask throughout the book!
Also, no worries if you can’t get your hands on this book! I wrote a short story about friendship with response questions to focus on the same skills!
Focus skill is personal narratives
Students are challenged to remember a time when they were a good friend! There is a graphic organizer included to help students’ brainstorm their ideas and details before they write their story.
Science/Social Studies:
Focus skill is being a good friend
Students sort through 12 different scenarios to see if it shows an example of being a good friend or not being a good friend. There is also a recording sheet for students to explain their thoughts on what exemplifies a good friend and how they could change those “not a good friend” situations into positive ones!

A little fine motor practice with some yarn for the craft! Students make their very own friendship bracelets to give to a friend!
“Orange you glad we are friends?!” tags with some clementines make for the perfect, healthy snack to pass out on this day!


There will be 5 days filled with lessons and activities total with the following themes:
The Beach


Pin to remember:
Looking for some new end of the year activities for your students? This countdown to summer unit has 5 FUN themed days of lessons and activities that keep students engaged and learning until the last days of school. Check out this post to see a bunch of ideas for a Friendship Day in your classroom!
You can grab all the activities shown above and much more below:

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