Long Vowel Phonics Games!

February 4, 2017

When I teach phonics in my classroom, it usually has 2 parts. I quickly introduce/review a phonics pattern with the whole group (for example, long vowels with silent e). I will model how to read words and apply the silent e. Then I will have students read aloud real and nonsense words with that phonics pattern on the board.

After the short whole group lesson, we go quickly into phonics games and small group activities.


Most of my students will play a game or complete an activity that goes along with my modeled lesson. While my struggling students will come to me for explicit phonics instruction (building words, blending sounds, etc.) When they come to me, they may or may not be working on the skill of the day. For instance, they will still be exposed to the silent e phonics rule in whole group, but in small group, they may be continuing to work on blending or segmenting CVC words.

My higher students who have already mastered CVCe words will work on whatever skill they have progressed to (vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, etc.).

Since this time of my phonics block can be a lot to juggle with students working on many different skills, I like to use simple, easy to prep, games and activities that students can just take and go.

I recently created a bunch of long vowel print and play games (for silent e and vowel teams) that have students reading real and nonsense words, substituting sounds, practicing fluency and more! I thought I would share a few.

Climb Your Ladder:
This game has students applying vowel teams to the middle of words to try and find enough real worlds to make it to the top of their ladder first!

 Spin & Reveal:
In this game, students must apply the silent e to CVC words to create a new word. They will find that image in the grid and color it in!

Read & Search:
This game helps with fluency practice as students must roll the die and read the sentence aloud to their opponent. They then must try to find a word that matches the vowel team for the page (in this case, oa/ow). Students take turns trying to find more words than their partner!

These games are fun and EASY to use!
You can see these long vowel games by clicking the image below.

There are also games for short vowels, digraphs, blends and r-controlled vowels.

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