Digital end of year review for 1st grade!

May 19, 2020

In the world of distance learning, digital activities are taking over more and more, day by day. To help teachers with some end of the year and summer review, I created a set of first-grade review activities that can be used in both Google Classroom and Seesaw!

If you aren’t familiar with Seesaw, I have only recently started creating lessons on this platform and I think it is so fun and accessible for primary students! If you ‘re interested in learning how to makes and upload your own lessons, I shared a tutorial video here:

As for the types of lessons included in my first grade end of the year review, I have 4 different sections: math, literacy, reading comprehension, and writing.

Each section will be opened up on its own in Google Classroom or Seesaw and then you can delete slides as you want to share with your students! Here is a little sneak-peek into each section.



For math, there are activities to review addition, subtraction, ordering numbers, comparing numbers, place value, word problems, telling time, data collection, and more. Here are few of the example activities:

there are lots of colored coral pieces to the side of the slide for students to drag, sort, and then use to answer questions
students drag the clocks to the correct orange circle



For literacy, students can review decoding words with digraphs and blends, phoneme manipulation, sight words, sentence scrambles, parts of speech, long vs. short vowels and more! Here are a few examples from this section:

the digraph and blends boxes are on the side of the screen for students to drag to make the correct word
students choose from a sight word bank on the side
Reading Comprehension:

For reading comprehension, students will read passages aloud and answer the comprehension questions using evidence from the text:

in both Google Classroom and Seesaw, there are already text boxes for students to type into

And for writing, there are 8 different timely prompts where students can share their thoughts:

students can type their advice and even draw or insert images into the box

If you’d like to grab these activities for your first graders, just click below and you can watch the video preview to see a bit more:


Pin to remember later:

This end of the year, first grade review unit is perfect for distance learning! Created for both Google Classroom and Seesaw, students can complete 36 fun and unique interactive activities to review what they've learned in first grade and prepare over the summer! Just head to the post to see some examples.

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    • Hi Heidi! Will you try re-downloading from TPT and using the links again? I think there was an error with the first links, but they were updated a week or so ago!