Digital Phonics Poems

April 19, 2020

I have been creating and using phonics poetry for K-2 classrooms for almost a decade now! I just find that fun, rhythmic phonics poems are a great way to practice so many different skills. For one, we practice decoding many different phonics patterns by reading words with those patterns within a text. We practice fluency by reading and re-reading the poems over and over. We practice visualization, as students must read the poem first, then draw what they saw in their heads as they read. Lastly, we practice a little real vs. nonsense word fluency!

I like to use and practice these skills spread out throughout the week so we only use each poem for short chunks of time each day!

When teachers needed to start teaching remotely from home, so many teachers reached out asking if they could continue to send the poems home and many others asked if I could make them digital somehow.

introducing: digital phonics poems

So I went ahead and updated my Phonics Poetry resource to make sure that each poem also has a digital option!

This works great because students can still have access to the poems they love and parents don’t have to print anything out if they don’t want to. Students can still practice the skills at hand, just as they would if they were in a classroom.

First, I would display the poems and read them aloud TO and WITH your students just like you would in the classroom. If you don’t have this option, then when assigning this work I would suggest recommending that parents read the poem in its entirety aloud first.

After that, students will go ahead and re-read the poem to themselves. Then, instead of circling the words they are looking for, they will simply drag the circles to words!

For the visualization piece, students can simply draw their visualization on any piece of paper at home!

Lastly, students can still practice their nonsense vs. real word fluency, by dragging the boxes to cover the REAL words only. I even included spaces at the top for students to type 4 of the real words they had circled in the poem from the day(s) before.

I like to update this resource every summer with new phonics patterns/word families, so once you own it, you will get all the additional poems for free. From now on, I will also include a digital version of each poem as well!

If you already own my Phonics Poetry unit, just redownload it and the link to the digital poems is on page 3!

If you don’t own it and want to take a closer look, you can find it here:

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I love using phonics poems in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classrooms as a way to practice phonics, fluency, visualization and so much more! This phonics poetry unit includes 79 different poems in both printable and digital format with ways to help students decode, visualize, and practice nonsense word fluency as well! Head over to the blog post to see more.

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  • Love your great ideas of teaching inferencing for Year 2. I would love to use and apply some of these ideas in my class, please.

    Thanks in advance,