Free Number Sense Game – Tower Races!

July 21, 2019

Number sense activities are ones that allow students to see, feel, and discriminate between different numbers. I love easy games and activities that allow students to practice their number sense over and over. Tower races does just that!

This game is great for kindergarten or first grade students. As I mention in the video, students can play with one or two dice so you can differentiate and meet your students’ needs!

You can see how to play (and grab the FREE tower sheets) below:

To grab the sheets be sure to open the video on YouTube and click the down arrow next to the video title. That will show the entire description where the link to the free tower sheets are! In any of my YouTube videos where I talk about a “link in description” this is where it will be.


If you like this number sense game, check out some others on my YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe:

Roll & Build

Sort the Deck


Pin to remember:

This free number sense activity is a great way to get students seeing and feeling each number as they roll the dice and race to be the first to fill their tower! You can see how to play and grab the FREE game sheets over on the blog!

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  • I love your ideas but they are very hard to find and or download any of the freebies to see if I like and want to buy others. Wher can I get this tower game?