Free Questioning Activities for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade

October 24, 2019

Teaching questioning to primary readers can be tricky! I find that interesting because kids grow up asking questions nonstop!  Then, getting them to ask questions in an academic setting can prove to be challenging. Today, I wanted to share a few fun and free activities to get students asking questions both before and during reading.


I recently released a new product called Comprehension Strategies that Stick and it is filled with activities, ideas, passages, and anchor charts to help you teach students all about schema, questioning, visualizing, inferring, and more! You can see that by clicking HERE!


In that unit, I walk you through the importance of teaching students to ask questions before, during, and after they read a text. This helps them comprehend what they’re reading. I wanted to share a few free activities for you to try out in your classroom!


In the video below, I share (3) activities to use when introducing the comprehension strategy, questioning, to your class:

These activities are great for grades K-2. The first one, “let’s generate” can be done with post-its, as I show you below. Or, if you’re working in kindergarten, students can simply spend 1 minute at each poster generating questions aloud. They should try to use different question words to help them come up with ideas.

activity for asking questions

The other two activities mentioned, “the 5 whys” and “20 questions” don’t need much differentiation at all!


After you watch that video and introduce questioning to your students, grab some FREE passages and an anchor chart to use in your classroom! With these, students generate questions before, during, and after they read each passage.

asking questions worksheet

There are a bunch of different passages that you can grab by clicking here >>> Question Passages!

I hope you enjoy all these activities in your classroom!


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Learn how to teach questioning to primary readers with these fun and engaging activities! There are a bunch of free ideas, passages, and an anchor chart in this post!

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