Playing the Game Left, Right, Center in the Classroom!

February 10, 2019

In case you haven’t been following along, I have been sharing game after game after game lately!

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And I have no plans to stop any time soon. Have you played Left, Center, Right in your classroom before?! This game is a quick hit and its simple to learn. I wanted to take a minute to share how I put an academic spin on this fun dice game.

This dice game is fast-moving and lots of fun. The little game (in the blue tin) above is one that you can get at almost any Target or Walmart! I ordered mine on Amazon for like $7 and you could even get 2 sets of this game for $12. It comes with about 25 blue chips and the 3 LRC dice! I will link it below so you can check it out. FYI: The following link is an affiiliate link which means if you choose to purchase through this link and very small percent of the purchase kicks back to me.


With the regular game, each student gets 3 chips and they basically roll the dice to determine where the chips will go (to the left, to the right, or in the center). The winner is the last student with any chips. To make it more academic, I like to add sticky dots to the chips with addition/subtraction problems, letters, or numbers and before students pass the chips, they need to identify the letter/sound or solve the math problem!

I explained, in more detail, how to play the game over on my Sunday Spotlight. Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to learn more games for you classroom:


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Do you play Left, Center, Right in the classroom?! This is such a fun game to review letters, sounds, numbers, and even addition and subtraction problems! Head over to the blog post to see how this first grade teachers puts an academic spin on this fun and simple game!

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