Phonics Poetry Freebie!

August 13, 2014

I like to incorporate poetry as much as possible into our weekly routine and an easy way for me to do that is during our phonics block.


After we learn a new sound, I will give my students a poem to practice reading and identifying that sound:
These are the steps I follow when my students get a new poem:
1.) I read the whole thing aloud while they track the print.
2.) Students echo-read each line after me.
3.) Students whisper read the poem to themselves as I walk around and listen.
4.) Students read independently and circle all words with the sound we are studying.
*While most of the poems in our poetry journals are phonics poems, we add in plenty of holiday poems throughout the year as well and circle rhyming words, different punctuation, and other fun things we might be studying!


In order to keep these journals all year long, my friend Lindsey from back in Vegas showed me this trick that helps me prep my journals before the year even starts!



I snag these 3 pronged folders from Walmart (for only 25 cents a piece). Then I roughly count out 20-25 pieces of paper and put them in. Whenever my students receive a new poem, they just use their glue sticks and glue their poem right on top of a blank piece of paper. We use both sides of the paper so at the end of the year we have a journal of 40-50 poems!


I used to hole punch each poem individually and have my first graders *try* to put them in the prongs and it just became a huge waste of time and I would run around like a crazy teacher trying to help everyone.


This way is MUCH easier. Also if you are preserving your glue sticks like we try to, I teach my students to glue “an x inside a rectangle” on the blank page and put their new poem on top. Six quick strokes and voila their poem is in!


The -an word family poem you see above is part of a phonics poetry pack that I am working on, but while I am finishing I thought I would offer that poem for free! Just click below and download the preview to snag the poem:

You can see the rest of the phonics poems here:

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These fun phonics poems are great for first grade and second grade students to practice fluency and different phonics patterns. You can try a free one by heading over to the post!

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  • Oh, YAY!!! Today was my first day with students…and I needed this! (although, who doesn't need a pick-me-up after that first day!) I always forget that B.O.Y. first graders are actually just Kindergartners with a little more experience:) I will email you shortly with my choices from your store…I'm so excited! Thank you, Susan!!

  • Hi. These are great! I have a struggling reader. I’m sure the ease of reading words that rhyme will help him do a little catching up. Thanks for sharing your work!

  • I love your poems!! I have used them the past few years with my Kinders. This year I am teaching first grade and some of my students need higher level poems. Do you make a set for 3-5 or know of another set that you would recommend for my advanced readers?

    Thank for the wonderful resource.

  • I love your videos and would love to try your phonics poem please. You have some amazing ideas to use in the classroom!