Sports Day: End of Year Activities!

May 8, 2017

It’s time for another installment of my Countdown to Summer activities! I have another whole day of FUN ready for you! My past posts were all about camping activities and my second fun-filled day was all about Friendship. Today, I bring to you an entire day of sports:


All these activities are part of a fun new product I came out with for the end of the year called Countdown to Summer! This is a 5 day all-encompassing unit which includes lessons and activities for every subject area! There is MORE than enough for you to have boatloads of fun during the last days of school while still reviewing and learning!


I wanted to show you a little sneak peek of the new activities I included for Day 3, Sports Day:



Focus skill is addition and subtraction

This fun activity has students shootin’ hoops and collecting points. Students throw their pom poms into the other player’s baskets. Once all pom poms land in a cup they remove the cups to add up their total. Some spots are addition, while others will have students subtraction points. Whoever has the most, wins!



Focus skill is silent e

Students will complete a read the room activity that gets their blood pumping with physical activity! The print and play option (shown above) includes push ups and sit ups to achieve the same physical challenge.



Focus skill is close reading and comprehension

Wilma Unlimited is a such a great story of perseverance, strength and courage. Students read all about Wilma Rudolph and her journey before completing comprehension mini-books. I included a BUNCH of questions so you can pick and choose which pages to include and differentiate for your students.

Also, no worries if you can’t get your hands on this book! I wrote a short story about a young boy who wanted to be a dancer with response questions to focus on the same skills!


Focus skill is nonfiction writing

Students teach others all they know about some of their favorite sports. There is a graphic organizer included to help students’ brainstorm their ideas and details before they write their paper.


Science/Social Studies:

Focus skill nutrition and physical activity

Students learn all about the 5 main food groups and how to eat a balanced meal. There is also a fun, physical activity challenge that gets students exercising throughout the day.



Students award themselves a gold medal for the end of the year and list reasons why they deserve it!



Some cheese balls and a small white cup make a fun and easy snack. Students simply decorate the cup to look like a hoop and the cheese balls are the basketballs.

There will be 5 days filled with lesson and activities total with the following themes:
The Beach


Pin to remember:
Looking for some FUN ways to keep your students engaged at the end of the year?! These themed activities have students reviewing old skills and having a blast while ending the year. These activities are all related to sports. Check out the post to also see friendship day and camping day activities.


You can grab all these activities and many more fun, themed lessons here:

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