Short Vowel (CVC) Phonics Games!

January 23, 2017

Games, games, games.
My students love games! You may know this already because of the many times I talk about using games in my math block. I find that phonics is another area where partner games can help tremendously with a student’s fluency. After students learn the sounds of their short vowels, they can practice their fluency by reading real and nonsense words, blending the sounds, and segmenting them.


I wanted to create a new set of Print, Play, LEARN! games like my math ones, but instead focus on phonics! My first set includes 6 different CVC games that are ready to just print and play!


Here is a sneak peek of a few of the games:
 Make it Real:
Students race to the finish in this board game and every time they land on a space they must choose which vowel (in this case, a or e) would make a real word. There are 3 different board game options and at the end each student must choose three of the words they made to record and illustrate to demonstrate that they can read and understand the word.


 Roll, Complete, and Color:
In this game students roll the die and they must figure out which word in their column will be complete with the vowel they rolled. The first student to fill in their column wins! This game has two versions. The one shown above has a picture already there (for example f_n with a fan next to it, so students would have to put an a in the middle) and another version without a picture so if a student rolled an “i” they could choose to make the word fin and draw a picture of a fin. I like that it allows for a bit of differentiation!


Spin & Find:
This game is pretty straightforward as students must spin the spinner and find a word in the grid with that matching medial vowel. Students continue until the grid is completely colored in. Whoever colors the most, wins!


There are 3 more games in the unit and I am currently working on games for long vowels (both CVCe and vowel teams), digraphs, consonant blends, and r-controlled vowels!


To see more of my print and play phonics games, check below:

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